Xavier Scrogham

Late Wednesday, the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department released the dashboard camera video of the Nashville police cruiser driven by former reserve officer, Leonard Burch. Today,¬†the family of 18-year-old Xavier Scrogham issues a tort claim notice to the Town of Nashville, Indiana. Such notice is a prerequisite of a lawsuit under Indiana state law when suing a governmental entity.

Yesterday, the Town of Nashville released a statement saying that Burch did not have police powers and that he was not authorized to drive a Nashville police car on August 29. “To hold the Town of Nashville liable, we must show that Burch was acting in the ‘course of his employment.’ Knowing this and in¬†anticipation of a lawsuit, Nashville is disavowing Leonard Burch and throwing him under the proverbial bus,” said Trent A. McCain, the family’s lawyer.