CPM LogoCHICAGO (October 12, 2015)–Trent A. McCain was named to Chicago Public Media’s Community Advisory Council to serve a two-year term starting next month.

Twenty individuals were selected from hundreds of applicants to serve on the advisory council (also known as The Sounding Board). The Community Advisory Council is a board established to review the programming and significant policy decisions of a Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) funded public broadcasting station, and to advise the station on how it serves the educational and cultural needs of its coverage area. According to the WBEZ website, board members must demonstrate that they are a member of WBEZ or Vocalo, have knowledge of CPM programming, can offer insightful perspectives from the communities they identify with, can speak to the impact public media has on their communities, and can commit to attending  in four meetings a year.

“This is a profound honor to be selected to serve with others that care so much about quality programming and their respective communities,” said McCain. McCain attributes his affinity for public radio to his wife, Akilia McCain. “I used to tease her,” McCain admitted. “I told her that she didn’t  know what song was no. 1 on the Billboard 100 but she knew what was going on halfway across the world,” said the civil rights lawyer.

After a while, public radio won him over and he’s been a loyal fan and member ever since. “As a resident of Gary, Indiana, I listen intently to Michael Puente. I sincerely appreciate Mike and WBEZ for covering impactful stories close to home,” added McCain.